guide2: Irish Drinking

Just because we’re in Athens, doesn’t mean we can’t transport to the land of green and brews. In honor of one of our favorite holidays of the year, we have pulled together some of the best spots in town for you to sit back and enjoy the best Irish drinks.

The World Famous

Bring the world famous Irish brew to Athens’s own World Famous. Get your Guinness draft and enjoy many more with it. If you’re planning to camp out, you will be satisfied with the brew selection and the delicious plates to compliment.


The Rook & Pawn

Word is that some serious gaming pairs nicely with the endless brews and Irish whiskeys available at this great event. Project-Safe.org benefits from your involvement at Team 4 Dancing with the Athens Stars Happy Hour. Check out the Facebook event and make sure to add this stop to your day’s plans.



The Royal Peasant

Any place that has “pub” in the name is a place we can forecast having a solid St. Patrick’s Day. Enjoy Guinness on tap and Irish whiskies galore to ensure that you are well taken care of.



Grindhouse Killer Burgers

What pairs nicely with your killer burger? How about a killer sweet turned Irish? Grab your Oreo mint shake of the month, but add some vanilla vodka to get some extra “luck” and celebrate the holiday by paying homage to the culture that can spice up your classic desserts.



The variety of drinks is endless. The food is everything we love. The company is superior. Athens, how did we know we could trust you on this day so worthy of celebration?

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