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Guide 2: Where we are Headed

Spring break is so close, we here at g2a can almost taste it. And with spring break just around the corner, everyone is busy getting ready for a much anticipated vacation. We’ve got some pretty exciting plans for next week, and thought we would share a little preview of where we are headed. Whether you are doing something exciting, or enjoying Athens for a low key staycation, we hope this gets you excited for your spring break too!

Karson Bankhead

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.28.17 PMKarson will be road tripping down to sunny Key West, Florida for five days. Karson says, “I am looking forward to warm weather and hanging out with friends. We have a catamaran trip planned, but besides that, we will just be hanging out by the pool and on the beach for most of the week.” Another thing Karson is looking forward to is dinner at “Sloppy Joes,” which is a Key West staple.

Lindsay Tuck and Eliza Edlich

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Lindsay and I will be traveling to the Dominican Republic for our senior spring break. We’ve been planning this trip all year, and the anticipation has definitely been building. We are going with a huge group of friends and fellow seniors. Even though it ‘s shaping up to be a lively getaway, we are looking forward to spending some time laying out in the sun. Lindsay says, “Although I never like leaving Athens, I’m excited for one last hoorah with our friends before graduation.”

Peyton Haecker

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.48.00 PMPeyton’s spring break encompasses both sand and snow. For the first part of the week, she will be traveling to Hilton Head with some girlfriends, then heading home to Denver, Colorado. She says, “After having my body in the horizontal position, **pleasure** reading, and great food with gorgeous views, I am going to hit the slopes with some dawg friends and explore the other side of spring breaking in Vail. Can’t say that I have too much to complain about when I’m getting the best of both worlds.” At the sound of all that, I couldn’t agree more!

Hanna Friedlander 


Hanna is heading to sunny Amelia Island where she is looking forward to sailing and celebrating her 21st birthday. Hanna is ready to forget about school for a week and eat as much fresh seafood as possible. If you run into Hanna this week on Amelia Island, wish her a big Happy Birthday!

Katy Wildes

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g2a’s social media extraordinair, Katy, will be headed to Paris, France next week, where she will take in the sights, lights, and amazing food on a much deserved vacation.  There will definitely be insta-worthy moments along the way (like this one from her last trip), so here’s to hoping we get to see some awesome pictures once she’s back.

Cheri Leavy

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Cheri will be traveling to Charleston, SC next week. Although she is going for work, we are hoping she treats herself to a little rest and relaxation while on her visit. With all of the beauty and fun activities Charleston has to offer, it shouldn’t be too hard to find something to occupy her time in between meetings!

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